Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hug My People

Recently at Mass, as sometimes happens, a strong sense of God's presence pervaded the church. I was basking in that feeling of love, togetherness, gentleness, mercy, etc., etc., when from out of nowhere, I suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to hug God. Now, I know that sounds quite nonsensical, but, you know, there are times that one feels so close to the Divine that not having the physical connection develops a strong desire, almost an ache, for that kind of connection. Of course, I thought, that is not possible; that is not something that I can have.

But then, don't we frequently want what we cannot have? I have become somewhat better in recent years at matching my wants to my needs and identifying the difference -- something my grandson Nathaniel is pretty good at based on his comment to his Aunt Lizzie who said she needed coffee and he corrected her, "No, you want coffee" -- but there are still times when the match is just not there.

So, there I was at Mass, wanting to hug God and expressed that thought silently. To my surprise, I got a response: "Hug My people!"

Ah, how simple! (And yet we don't often think of it, do we?)

Have a happy weekend, filled with hugs!