Friday, November 29, 2013

Sula, the Cat, Came to Confession

Tonight Fr. E arranged for six priests to be available for confession prior to entering the Christmas season. Our prayer group met briefly, then went to confession as a group. Sr. Maria and I helped Ruby, the disabled wife of our recently deceased Bible Studies director, get into the church for confession; it took some work, for which Ruby was very appreciative for it was the first time she had been to confession in a year, she told us. Our prayer group, which Ruby recently joined, is faithful about going to Christmas and Easter Pennance services, which are blessed by an abundance of priests, unlike some parishes.

I felt bad because while six priests were there, quite a wealth, considering that we have only two parish priest (Fr. E who celebrates the English Masses and Fr. M who celebrates the Spanish and Latin Masses), the other priests coming from a nearby parish and the local retreat center/monastery, only a small number of parishioners showed up. We hear so much about a dearth of priests. Yet, when we are blessed with them in abundance, we take that fact for granted. I am pleased that our prayer group, at least, always shows up in force.

Sula, our parish cat, shown above in a photo from an Easter Mass since I had no camera with me tonight, also always shows up. She was there tonight, taking care of the parishioners. She would sit beside one until he or she went up for confession to one of the priests, at which point she would look around, spot someone waiting, and move on to sit beside that parishioner. Since Ruby went before me, she had to wait for me. When I finished, I found Sula sitting on the pew beside her.

If the Holy Spirit resides in cats, then, for sure, the Holy Spirit is in Sula. If only we all were as faithful as she!


  1. What an adorable cat! Oh yes... I am sure the Holy Spirit is in all animals. Humans are the ones who sinned - not animals.Their spirits are pure - the reason we love them so much, most likely! We can see God's purity in them!
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  2. Sounds like Sula is probably a better Christian than many human Christians! I think regular confession is necessary to recognise our faults and better our ways.

    Best wishes,

  3. That is wonderful! I wish my parish had a Sula, but then again I'm sure most of the parishioners would cry foul about a cat being inside the church. Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. @ Ann: I am traveling today, but once I land in Hawaii (business trip, not playtime -- shucks), I will come over to your site.

    @ JL: She probably is. She is there every weekend for Mass, sometimes multiple Masses, as well as for all the holy days of obligation.

    @ Ashley: I guess, then, some of those parishioners would not like to find Sula asleep in the Christmas creche, cuddled up to baby Jesus. Either she, or Fr. Ed's cat, Phinean, is there at almost every Mass during the Christmas season. (Here in San Juan Bautista, even the roosters are protected -- there is a law that they have the right of way in the streets, so it should not be surprising that the parishioners not only love to see Sula, but also they make room for her if she chooses their particular pew from which to worship. It is one of the things I love about living here -- and so fitting for a town founded by Franciscans.)

  5. She look s so cute.

    Our dog Toffee used to go on stage with my mother when sh e led the morning Chapel service in the High school she taught in

  6. Praise God for the faith of your parishioners in your denomination but I am thankful I worship with a Baptist Church and our only confessions are at the altar or wherever we happen to pray - - - just me and Jesus! Thanks for your faithful updates.

  7. Amrita, Misslynda, thanks for all your comments this year. Wishing you a great 2011!