Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful Thursday #10

Today, I am taking a slightly different approach to Thankful Thursday. Whereas I usually have a longish gratitude list, today I am going to list only one thing for which I am thankful. That is because the one thing for which I am grateful is very powerful: the grace of God.

In doing so, I will relate a popular anecdote, which is worth repeating on the off-chance that you have not yet heard it. In this anecdote a very chaste man who has loved and obeyed God all of his life ends up at the pearly gates after death, met by St. Peter.

"To enter these gates," said St. Peter, "you need 100 points. Tell me from where your 100 points will come."

The man furrowed his brow for an instant, and the obvious sprang forth from his mouth, "I never missed a Sunday service."

"Ten points," announced St. Peter.

The man was flabbergasted. Only ten points? Hm... He furrowed his brow again and then brightened. "I was a catechist for fifteen years."

"Five points," announced St. Peter.

The man was even more flabbergasted and thought long and hard about where he could gather some points.

"I worked at a soup kitchen every Wednesday for three years," he offered hopefully.

"Three points," pronounced St. Peter.

The man began to panic. Where could he find more points? Oh! Money! "I donated nearly $10,000 to my church over my lifetime," he pointed out with pride.

"One point," pronounced St. Peter.

The man was now in a full-fledged panic. He looked at St. Peter, his head empty of thought, and wailed, "At this rate, I will only enter Heaven by the grace of God."

"Bingo!" replied St. Peter. "You're in." With that, he opened the gates.

I am very grateful for the grace of God. What more marvelous gift can there be on this earth?

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