Friday, November 1, 2013

Animals for Iraq (Stuffed, That Is)

I have only a few minutes before leaving for work but thought that some of you might like to participate in a fun and charitable project: sending stuffed toys to the kids of Iraq. More information can be found on the Change Becomes Change website. What I discovered there, I am copying here as is. Go there, though, for the links and other interesting information.

Here is the initial post:

Do you have a few stuffies, loveys or other gently loved soft animals that your children no longer enjoy? Need to make room for new things from the holidays or upcoming birthdays? We clean out our toys, clothes and items usually with the season's change, so guess what we're doing this week?

We're doing one thing different this season though. Our no-longer-beloved stuffed animals will be shared with the youngest victims of war in Iraq: the children. It's impossible for me to see the joy and comfort that special stuffed friends bring my own children and not want to give that opportunity to every child.

My friend Asha at Parent Hacks and Heather at Rookie Moms introduced me to Edmay Mayers, a member of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers who is currently stationed in Iraq. She's bringing a little love and hope to children in the villages of Iraq who might not have either, in the form of stuffed animals. It's important work that she's doing and we're ready to in?

So, clean out your closets, purses, cars and drawers (we know they like to hide) to find those gently loved stuffies to share.

Instructions from the Parent Hacks website are:

You can request a FREE mailing supply kit for sending items to military personnel. The kit includes boxes, tape, labels, and customs forms. This will allow you arrive at the post office ready to ship. Please note the the supplies are free, but you must still pay for postage.

Via the USPS website, here is how you can request this kit:

Call 1-800-610-8734 (Packing Supply)
Choose your language (1 for English, 2 for Spanish)
Choose option 1 (For Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Global Express)
When you reach an agent, request CAREKIT04.
The agent will get your address, and the kit should arrive in 7-10 days.

Thanks for the inspiration and introduction, Asha & Heather.

UPDATE: You're going to need the following APO Address for the post office when you request your kit.

Chaplain – Camp Warrior
FOB Warrior – Kirkuk
Toys for the Iraqi Children
APO AE 09359

Now let's go find some stuffed toys! What fun!

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