Saturday, October 19, 2013

Where in the World Is Elizabeth?

I just thought of an interesting little competition. While I am gone tripping, please leave a comment, guessing where you think I am and why. And since I will not have access to the Internet, no one will see anyone's answers until I return so there will be no influence one upon another!

I will send a surprise gift to everyone who guesses correctly.

This will be fun, no?


  1. I am going to guess that you are going to be somewhere in the middle east.

  2. That sounds fun! But passed by here to wish you well and praying for the Lord to bless you and protect you wherever you are...

  3. Spain because that is where God wants you right now!

  4. Japan - - my older daughter loves that country.

  5. I think you will be in the Middle East- the country I can 't say.

  6. Hmmm, you are in Austrailia filming a new series that involves wrestling with salt water crocodiles?

  7. Sounds like a fun game!

  8. Hi, It looks like I have the pleasure of being the first to guess where you are. My guess you are in the middle east some place. :)

  9. heyy i'm guessing you're in some country in Africa, doing some charitable work or a missionary trip??
    God bless

  10. Could not possibly make an educated guess -- so I'll just say some fervent prayers for your safe passage, opportunities to share your faith and just as safe return with stories to share. May God bless your journey.

  11. How fun to find out where y'all think I might have been. Yes, I am back. Arrived mid-day today (Sunday). First, let me entertain the suggestions that missed the mark (some not by much):

    - Yaya Yarns, Amrita, & Dee: The Middle East was quite a good guess; I go there often, lived there for a while, and on this trip got stuck in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for two days on this trip when my luggage got lost enroute, but that was not my destination; nonetheless, I enjoyed those two days and ran all over Dubai with a friend, visiting tourist traps and eating at non-tourist, local restaurants with really good Middle Eastern cuisine.

    - Slamdunk: My cousin lives in Australia, but I was not there on this trip.

    - Rcubes & Grammy Blick: Thank you for your prayers. Where I went, I needed them; how kind of you to offer them without knowing where I was.

    - Mom with a heart: Interesting choice; Spain is one of the few European countries I have not visited; I certainly would like to do so sometime.

    - Misslynda: Japan is another country I have not visited although I have been in the airport in Tokyo (that does not count as a visit); it is actually on the map for a future branch location so I may be going there for business in the next year or two.

    - Toyin: Fun, yes; I find the suggestions very interesting. Surprisingly, a number of people have a good sense of who I am and where I might go.

    - Angelina & Pet: Nope, not Africa although I have been there if one considers Egypt as Africa, which, of course, it is (I would not mind seeing more countries there -- actually, I might head out to Tunis in 2011).

    - Gina: Nope, not Nova Scotia, either, although when I was working for NASA, I flew through there often.

    And now for the answer:

    Ashley: How on earth did you guess??!! I was, indeed, in Afghanistan; for my own safety, I was not allowed to say anything in advance. I will contact you by email for an address to send a little something to you for guessing correctly.

    I hope you all enjoyed playing the game! Are you surprised by where I ended up? I will provide some information and pictures on Tuesday.

  12. Hi Beth, praise God you are back safely. You were so close to India.