Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Perversion of Justice

There is an important guest post on These Stone Walls this week, informing readers about the most recent obstructions to finding justice for an apparent false allegation that landed Fr. Gordon MacRae in jail for 18 years. Now that evidence of perjury and miscarriage of justice has come to light, the courts are not willing to re-hear the case. The overview of the case is summarized below:

“In what the petitioner asserts has been revealed as a scam to obtain a cash settlement from the Catholic church, Tom Grover, a drug addict, alcoholic and criminal, accused Father Gordon MacRae of molesting him years before. Grover’s civil suit – featuring MacRae’s conviction -earned him nearly $200,000. No witnesses to the alleged acts could be found, despite that they were to have occurred in busy places. Grover’s claims were contradicted by objective facts (e.g. inoperable locks that he claimed worked, acts in an office to which MacRae did not have access, claims about a chess set that had not [yet] been purchased).”

To read the whole article, click here: These Stone Walls.

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