Monday, June 4, 2012

Spiritual Sunday #41: Temptation

For more Spiritual Sunday posts, I recommend that you wander over to the website of Charlotte and Ginger, who host the Spiritual Sunday meme.

Two months have passed since I have posted a spiritual Sunday comment. Seems impossible. Sometimes my life, with all the travel and all the family goings-on, seems a bit unreal to me, but then, since I have never walked in anyone else's shoes, perhaps everyone has moments of feeling that their lives are unreal.

Because I do not blog on Sundays -- keeping it as the sabbath, a practice started by Fr. Christian Mathis (Blessed Is the Kingdom) -- I usually use older posts (forgotten perhaps but hopefully still interesting) from one or another of my blogs that seem appropriate for this meme. It seems to work to bring out the older posts that many have not read before or ones from other blogs I maintain that readers of 100th Lamb may not know about.

This week I decided to post something earlier from a double-posting on my Modern Mysticism blog. It seemed appropriate, mainly to remind myself that I am right where God wants me to be, given that there is a lot of noise being made at work recently to reduce the higher salaries by 25% (I would be in that group, and it would really make it difficult for me to help Shane with his million-dollar baby) and perhaps even to change the position itself (which would require me to come to a different location -- more time and expense in getting there because it is farther from my house). All that, of course, is nervous-making, and since I travel a lot, I miss out on many of the details of the current discussion and thinking (although that may be for the best). Remembering that God put me here has kept me from following up on the temptation to run out and get another job with the same benefits and fewer hassles. If I were to guess, the reason I am here is to help everyone else survive those hassles and to be a conduit for God to reach those dealing with them (seems to be working that way, anyway). So, here is the post: Temptation.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!

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