Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Evening Post #12

Elizabeth Esther used to run a meme in which on the first Saturday of the month bloggers selected their favorite post of the month and shared it with other bloggers. It has been months since I have participated. Too much travel. Too much work. Too much busyness. However, today I managed to find some time (mainly by cutting back on sleep -- not a good approach, really), and so I have been able to go back and make a selection for this month: The Hungry Man and Mass. And after doing that, I found out that she is no longer running her meme! Sheesh, the faster I go, the behinder I get. In any event, I have already made this (last) attempt, so post it I will.

A blessed Saturday to all of you.


  1. Time...oh how the LORD is teaching me and revealing to me the treasure of time and how I 'waste' it on doing nothing

  2. Yep -- and I don't find the time management seminars all that helpful, either.