Friday, November 25, 2016

Two Turkish Van Cats

Today is the story of two cats, both of them Turkish Van breed (rather rare in the US).

First, there is Sula, the mission cat, whose book a number of us at Old Mission SJB put together to raise funds has been mentioned very positively on two more cat blogs: Feline Opines and Best Cat Page. I find these only by googling from time to time. It is always fun to see another mention. Sula's book is selling steadily.
Here are the links:

Second, there is our Murjan. We got the unhappy news from the vet yesterday. He has exactly the same illness that Intrepid died from three weeks ago: small cell lymphoma. He is now on the same treatment plan. He seems to be doing better with the chemo, though, so far. Of course, it is been only one day, but we are hoping for the best. It would be sad to lose both the remaining Jordanian cats within weeks of each other. So, we are counting on the chemotherapy to work this time.

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