Friday, November 25, 2016

Snowed In


Saw Ma on Wednesday, and called daughter Noelle to talk to her. Ma clearly enjoyed hearing Noelle's voice. Shane showed her pictures of his little ones. Nathaniel is now quite big, and Ma took the phone from Shane, kept looking at the picture of Nathaniel on the phone, and did not want to give the phone back. Yesterday, we did not get to communicate with her because she was under the influence of morphine given to her for pain from a wound she has on her leg. Today, we were snowed in. Brings back memories of growing up here.

Got about a foot of snow. Flake-dropping slowed a bit around 4:00, so Shane and I went walking amid thew white swirls, and I went sliding (slipped on some ice). Now, I can tell that went sliding -- am a bit bruised. Blueberries and tea -- the only inflammation and pain remedies handy.tasty, anyway. Hopefully, none the worse for the trip (literally).

Pics are some of the scenes we saw when we peered out the window. The photos are not in B&W; they are in color. Just not much color in the air today!

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