Saturday, February 18, 2012

Small Touches of Divine Assistance

Yesterday, I had an early appointment at headquarters. I left home in adequate time to arrive promptly, but not extremely early. After all, it is nearly an hour's drive to headquarters from San Ignatio. (Thank God, my office is not at headquarters but considerably closer to SI.)

As I reached the town in which our headquarters is located, I suddenly realized that I would not be let into the company parking lot. I purchased a new car a couple of weeks ago, and I had not yet had time to get a company decal. Badges and decals are required. There are no exceptions.

So, I planned to park outside the gates. I went up a back road to avoid lights because I needed to gain a little time, now that I would have about a ten-minute walk to reach the security gates from wherever I could find street parking. Happy that there was a lot of space along the street, I parked, locked the car, and happily scampered around the corner that would lead to headquarters. After walking 3-4 blocks, I realized I had parked half-way down the hill, not at the top of the hill, and my walk was now 20 minutes, not 10, and all steeply up an incline that does not quite rival Lombardo Street in SF but comes close.

Huffing and puffing as I scurried uphill as quickly as I could, with gravity yanking me a few inches backwards for every foot I traveled, I stopped to catch my breath. A car pulled up beside me, down came its window, and a familiar voice called out, "Mah'am, what are you doing walking?"

It was a Sudanese employee who had transferred to headquarters, with my help, a couple of months ago. I had not seen him since, and he was clearly late for work. Nonetheless, he took me straight to the front door of the building in which I had my appointment, and I arrived exactly on time!

Love those little daily miracles that tell me that God is indeed keeping an eye out for me!


  1. Which miracle were you speaking about? The ride or the exercise which you needed?

  2. Amrita, indeed!

    Do Not Be Anxious, come to think of it, both! :)